Fun everyday, indoors and outdoors

A fun, structured day

Each morning begins with singing and davening (morning prayers) followed by free play. Children are encouraged to explore both indoors and outdoors and flow freely between the two areas. For the pre-school children, we provide a phonics programme which prepares them for Reception, following the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework.

Healthy snacks are provided in the morning and delicious home cooked lunch is provided at 12pm Monday to Thursday. The morning session ends at 1:15pm and for those staying until 4pm we offer a variety of stimulating activities including baking, reading and arts and crafts

We also enjoy extra curricular activities including having external companies visiting to teach the children Pilates, dancing, singing and drama.

Our hours are 8am - 4pm Monday to Thursday. Lunch is included on these days. On Fridays nursery finishes at 12.15pm. Supper club runs Monday - Thursday from 4pm - 6pm.

We offer two options, Year round (we are open for 48 weeks in 2023-24) or Term Time only.

The nursery is closed during Jewish Holidays and Bank Holidays.

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Amazing outdoor space

Woodside Gan is particularly proud of our outdoor space. We have a sand-pit, water facilities, climbing frames, a mud kitchen, a digging zone and bikes but the outside is not just a playground, it’s also an outdoor classroom.

Many children do not want to sit at a table and write but most children are very happy to mark make using chalk or paint in a large area outside. Children need to build up their core strength and this can be done in a variety of ways outside. In the garden you will always find ways for mark making, physical skills, learning about the environment, role play, turn taking and so much more.

Our Playground at woodside gan nursery

Purpose-built outdoor space, with a soft floor, slide, sandpit, mud kitchen, planting area and a digging zone.

Some of our children enjoying the sand pit

Some of our children enjoying the sand pit

Filled with creative learning resources

The nursery is purpose built and is well stocked with many wonderful learning and creative resources, including play kitchen, art supplies, building blocks, messy play tables, and our role play and reading corners.

A jewish boy doing arts and crafts at woodside ganA jewish boy and girl playing with sand at woodside gan

Home-cooked food

A delicious healthy hot lunch is made fresh every day on site. We give children the opportunity to learn about food and develop good eating habits.

Meals include jacket potato, pasta, rice, couscous all served with a range of sauces and sides, plus fresh vegetables and fruit.

Physical Development

Moving matters is an Early Years Motor Skills Development Programme that we were chosen to take part in when it was first piloted by the Barnet preschool inclusion team. At Woodside Gan all staff have received training to develop activities in their settings to promote co-ordination, stamina and strength in early years children.

We have our bronze award for the Healthy Early Years London (HEYL), which is an awards scheme funded by the Mayor of London that supports and recognises achievements in child health, wellbeing and development in Early Years settings. We are now working towards our silver award.

Every week the children learn Pilates through our expert teacher Warren, who the children adore!

Our Playground at woodside gan nursery

The children practising their Pilates!

Our Playground at woodside gan nursery

Moving matters is an Early Years Motor Skills Development Programme.

Our Playground at woodside gan nursery

Moving Matters promotes co-ordination, stamina and strength in early years children.

Connecting with the Community

At Woodside Gan, children learn about the world around us. We have regular visitors, from the local police and fire officers to arranging for parents and grandparents to talk to the children about their jobs - we’ve had doctors, dentists and more! We go on outings regularly, for example to our local children’s book shop and even a short hop on the tube from Woodside Park station which is next to the nursery.

We’ve partnered with Jenny Kossew from JOY (Joining Old and Young) to connect our children to the local elderly community through music and song. The children learn to build incredible relationships with the elderly residents and have a lot of fun in the process, with music, storytelling, puzzles and more.

We have a mobile library that visit the nursery regularly, allowing the children to choose a new exciting book each time and expand their horizons.

Our Playground at woodside gan nursery

The local fire brigade visited us - the children’s all-time favourite!

Our Playground at woodside gan nursery

Our local police officers came to visit

Our Playground at woodside gan nursery

A trip to our local children’s book shop

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