Learning Through Love

We are thrilled to unveil our newest addition, a dedicated Baby Room, crafted explicitly for our little learners aged between 6 months to 2 years. While we have long been nurturing children aged 2 and above, this new space offers a cosy and stimulating environment for our youngest family members. Opening in September 2023 contact us now to book your child’s space.

In the spirit of 'Learning Through Love', our new Baby Room mirrors the same ethos that Woodside Gan is cherished for. We believe each child, regardless of age, thrives when loved and nurtured, and it's in this loving cradle that their confidence, independence, and unique personalities take flight. Our experienced staff, renowned for their dedication, extend their love and support to these tiny tots, helping them realize their full potential in the warmth and security of our nursery.

Ethos & Curriculum

Woodside Gan is proud to provide children from aged 6 months upwards with sessions that are designed to create confident learners who are able to make independent decisions within an enjoyable framework. Our fully supported, highly skilled staff focus their days on caring for and nurturing our children and this love manifests itself in how confident and caring our children become.

Woodside Gan’s ethos is ‘Learning Through Love’. We believe that as every child is loved and nurtured, so their personalities, confidence and independence will shine. Our dedicated staff ensure that all children are supported and encouraged to fulfil all of their potential, all whilst within the security and love of the nursery.

Our curriculum centres round the Jewish calendar, ensuring that each Chag and Shabbat is taught and celebrated. Coupled with this, we prepare children for school with our fun and interactive phonics system and separate pre-school activities for the elder children.

Each week the children staying for afternoons learn a new theme. There are opportunities for the children to participate in supported free play, small group and large group activities.

Meet our staff
The children learning The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The children learning The Very Hungry Caterpillar

nursery girl standing in playground holding a piece of chalk

Mark-making is encouraged in the nursery as it is the first steps in writing and literacy

Getting ‘school-ready’

We are a small, friendly nursery which carefully nurtures children's personal, social and cognitive skills to prepare them for the transition into Reception.

Our Early Years Foundation programme encourages children towards independence and self-confidence in a happy and relaxed environment.

We place strong emphasis on group activities, encouraging sharing, friendship, and communication with other children and adults, and a sense of achievement and responsibility. The children are also introduced to the basics of reading (phonics), writing and number work.

The children learning The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Reading and sharing stories is so important as it helps the children recognise sounds, words and language, and it develops early literacy skills

Jewish values

Woodside Gan is part of Woodside Park Synagogue.

We foster a Jewish atmosphere within the nursery by celebrating Shabbat each week and all the Jewish Festivals throughout the year, including Chanukah and Purim parties, Pesach Seder, Tu BiShvat and Yom Ha'atzmaut.

Interest in the Festivals is stimulated through stories, songs, plays, arts and crafts.

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Women holding boys hand as he walks wearing fancy dress for purim

Our Purim Party is a real highlight! Everyone comes dressed up (including the teachers and parents) and we have a Purim Parade to showcase all the children’s costumes.

rows of menorahs or chanukiahs made of clay to celebrate hanukah at woodside gan nursery

The children made Chanukiahs with grandparents and other family members

rows of menorahs or chanukiahs made of clay to celebrate hanukah at woodside gan nursery

The children feel so excited and proud to make their own Matzo covers to use at the Passover Seder. This is a wonderful activity for hand-eye coordination.

rows of menorahs or chanukiahs made of clay to celebrate hanukah at woodside gan nursery

The children enjoying our Mock Seder with grandparents

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